Acrylic Coatings

A142-1001ACRYLIC INHIBITIVE PRIMERA142-1001 is a quick drying inhibitive primer based on thermoplastic acrylic resinTDS
A142-2001FLEXIBLE TILE GROUTA142-2001 is a cement-based grouting compound with excellent flexible and water repellent propertiesTDS
A142-3001ACRYLIC FAST DRYING TOP COATA142-3001 is a fast drying top coat based on thermoplastic acrylic resinTDS
A142-3002ACRYLIC INHIBITIVE PAINTA142-3002 is a quick drying paint based on thermoplastic acrylic resinTDS
A142-3003ACRYLIC BAKING ENAMELA142-3003 is a baking glossy topcoat based on a thermo-set acrylic resinTDS
A142-3004TP ACRYLIC COLD TRAFFIC MARKING PAINT (1 PACK)A142-3004 is a quick drying traffic paint based on thermoplastic acrylic resin with excellent abrasion and weathering resistanceTDS
A142-3005ACRYLIC COLD TRAFFIC MARKING PAINT (2 PACK)A142-3005 is a two component pure acrylic resin which is suitable for durable cold plastic road marking in combination with Benzoyl Peroxide. It’s not only more durable and easier to apply, but with its reflective glass beads, it also significantly improves visibility and motorist safetyTDS
A142-3006HOT MELT ROAD MARKING PAINT (1 PACK)A142-3006 is a thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin based admixture of pigments aggregates and glass beads which melt at around 180 °c to form marking paint for laying on the roads - both bitumen and concreteTDS