Life at Kansai

Kansai provides a learning environment which nurtures individuals and teams taking them through the development rainbow. You get to work on projects of various colors with many experienced and inspiring colleagues, across boundaries and across teams. There is a constant flow of information; you have to be hungry to grasp it all.

Integrity is a prominent feature of work life at Kansai. Where we a lay a lot of emphasis on goal accomplishment, we have transfused integrity in our culture and people. We value ethics and have placed our values very high. By polishing your unique capabilities and developing your strengths, Kansai enables you to add value in organizational success. Kansai encourages and maintains a performance culture where new records are constantly being set.

Career at Kansai

Working at Kansai you are trained to challenge situations and get the job done. The skills to keep pace with the ever changing environment are instilled in you at every level. Kansai believes in employee empowerment to enable them to make their presence felt. If you have the Kansai gene, there are endless possibilities and opportunities waiting for you. In every role, at any location, at any time, tons of learning tools and opportunities await you.

Talent recruitment is done at Kansai on the basis of your potential and aptitude to grow. To be part of Kansai family you have to be a committed, adaptive and most importantly a doer. If you are a creative, talented, goal-surpassing team player who accepts nothing less than best results, we want to meet you. Please email us at

Sales And Business Development

If you love people and people love you, sales and business development is just the place for you. These are the team members who are always on the move and are meeting new people.

Supply Chain

A very extensive supply chain function at Kansai lets you taste every flavor of the value chain from buying the material to making it available. Identifying the sources, putting your negotiation skills in practice and making decisions on how, what, when, where and why for the business.

Finance and Accounting

If numbers is your thing, we have a huge ocean of them you can dive in. There is a whole lot of dimension to learning at the finance department in Kansai; be it accounting, analysis, budgeting, financials, transactions, taxation or any other relevant area, you will find experts who inspire you.

Marketing and Branding

These creative people are idea machines. Here, you will get a chance to put your thoughts in practice with the help of team that will mobilize it all.

Research And Development

If you have chemistry with chemicals, Kansai R&D division is your heaven. Globally, product quality and technological advancements are laid the most importance on in Kansai. Development of new products takes places on daily basis; the next development can be your innovation.


Operations is the work horse of Kansai. In operations things happen; from manufacturing paint of your car, coating on your generator to the theme wall of your drawing room. They color all facets of your life while keeping the environment clean and green.

HR and Administration

Its event management every day at Kansai; from arranging a small visit of a few people to organizing trip of a huge group to a foreign destination- you get to experience it all. These are the people who hire people, work on their development and make their life at Kansai worthwhile.


At heart of our systems is the latest ERP system which is maintained, developed and continuously updated by our team of IT experts. Kansai IT team also ensures that our people stay connected at all times from every place. You get to experience and implement the latest technology; be it software or system installation.