Protective & Industrial Coatings

As a pioneer in utra-thick film epoxy resin coatings, Kansai Paint has a wide range of chemical resistant coatings, heat resistant coatings and coating systems which cater the requirement of a wide range of Oil & Gas segment, Power segment and other related fields.

In addition, we have products for road transport, customized industry specific products and coil coating range to cover wide range of application area including industrial and commercial floor coating systems.

Product range

A142Acrylic CoatingsTDS
A212Chlorinated Rubber CoatingsTDS
A322Alkyd PaintsTDS
A414Polyurethane CoatingsTDS
A560Epoxy Ester CoatingsTDS
A570Epoxy CoatingsTDS
A609Polyester CoatingsTDS
A628Heat Resistant CoatingsTDS
A711Bituminous CoatingsTDS
A855Zinc Ethyl Silicate CoatingsTDS
A903Vinyl CoatingsTDS